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The professional teleprompter

Teleprompter Pro is the professional Teleprompter system, Used by Tv & Production companies around the world!

Bluetooth control

Control Teleprompter Pro wirelessly with your favourite Bluetooth Keybord or remote.

Import scripts

Import your scripts directly from your device or easily from your Dropbox Accoubnt.

Voice scrolling

Control your scripts directly with your speech, meaning you don't need to worry about timing.

Control with any Bluetooth Keyboard or Remote.

Teleprompter Pro can be controlled using any off-the-shelf Bluetooth Keyboard. If you're an Android user, you can also use any bluetooth enabled remote.

You can also set your scripts to be controlled directly with your speech

Effortlessly import all of your pre-written scripts.

With Teleprompter pro you can import your pre-written scripts directly from your device. Or use Dropbox to load your scripts in any format. Be it .txt, .doc, .docx or a range of other file types. Continue using your favourite text editor to compose your shot.

Let your voice do the scrolling.

Unlike most other Teleprompter apps, Teleprompter Pro lets you use your voice to automatically scroll the script at the speed you need. No more guessing how long it will take you to read.

Coming Summer 2015

Hand-Featured by Apple

Not only does Teleprompter Pro have a 5 out of 5 star rating for the latest version, we've also got the backing of Apple in their make a film with iPad promotion.

“This simple app is a very useful tool worthy of a spot in any filmmaker's digital toolbox. It is also a great app for YouTuber's or really any and all content creators who want to perform a well written concise and focused script rather than fumble for words in front of the camera costing time and more editing in post. .” Ralaningalls, United States

“This app is exactly as promised. Download from .txt files are flawless. Speed control, mirroring, pretty close to everything needed. I highly recommend the program.” Freenat , United States
“This is a fantastic app for your business presentations. Font and speed of scroll can be easily adjusted to suit your requirements.” ROFLYSST, United Kingdom
“ I have purchased and tested several Teleprompter apps, to narrate my YouTube videos and spend less time editing them. Unfortunately I purchased Prompter Pro first, but hated the difficulty in scrolling up or down the screen. What a mess! I wish I purchased the Teleprompter pro upgrade first before spending the money on prompter pro, but I'm happy that I now have a Teleprompter app that works fantastic. Best 10 bucks I ever spent!” Scruffy-Puppy from United States, United States
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